Another year gone

Today is the last day of year number 40 for me. I celebrated 40 at my favorite tap room, and that was basically the last time I was there. A few weeks later is when everything went to hell and COVID-19 forced everything to change. It was quite a shitty year (which I think I posted about earlier). This year hasn’t started off as great as I’d hoped either. I remain hopeful, but I struggle to stay positive.

We had planned to send the kids to their cousins for the evening tomorrow (who are basically they only people they have seen in a year besides the occasional grandparent drop-by) so that we could have the first night alone in nearly a year. Then one of my wife’s “friends” decided to be incredibly selfish and potentially expose her to COVID Wednesday night. When you live with a family that is symptomatic and has already been tested and waiting for results, why wouldn’t you mention that prior to having someone get in a car with you for longer than 20 minutes? And then text the next morning describing said family situation and that their results came back positive and she was going to go get tested. “Friend,” indeed. So, if she did have it (probable) and passed it on to my wife, today would be one of the last days where she wouldn’t be contagious. Her “friend’s” test results won’t come back until tomorrow at the earliest, but most likely Sunday, but my wife would potentially be contagious sometime tomorrow. The earliest she could get tested would be Monday. So we have to figure out if she should quarantine herself away from us or not. Of course the CDC says that until her “friend” actually tests positive, there is nothing we have to do, but in reality, that’s probably why this continues to run rampant. It’s probable that I will spend my 41st birthday separated from my wife as much as possible, rather than the quiet alone time we had planned for the first time in a year. All because someone decided to be inconceivably selfish. Fuck them.