I think I broke it

Actually, I think you said “Ow, fuck. I think my wrist is broken.” I told you it looked fine, so we sought our mom’s wisdom. She agreed with you so we called your mom & I drove you to ER or Urgent care (can’t remember which one). After x-rays, it was broken, and while the doctor was out of the room, your mom, [redacted], stole every bit of medical supplied she could because “They’re billing our insurance for all this stuff anyways.” My expert medical diagnoses was incorrect and your mom nabbed all the gauze. Fun times.

[Jerry’s additions]

What actually happened was that you said it looks fine, to stop being a pussy and keep playing. So I did. For like 3 more games. Then it started to hurt too bad, so you drove me to Kevin’s house to get some ice. Then we went back and tried to play more basketball. When I finally said I think we should go, you drove me to your house to have your mom look at it, who then said I should call my mom and have her meet us at the ER. At that point I could tolerate the pain, and I remember that phone call to my mother. I sounded upbeat when I said, “Hey mom, I think I broke my arm. You need to meet us at the ER.” She didn’t believe me so I handed the phone to your mom who said, “Hey Deb, yeah, he’s sincere, I think it might be broken.” The rest is accurate.

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