• 725 E. Price Rd.
  • 78 W. Dague Rd.
  • 27 Birchview Dr.

Prior to the summer of 1994 we had hung out a couple of times. However, we really starting hanging out a lot more while you stayed almost the whole summer at Vandenberg’s. your parents were building the house on Dague road, and I was staying over every 3-4 days. We played a ton of basketball, did a bunch of dumb shit, and generally enjoyed the summer. It was before Ron and Bev became ‘Nam and Bevi del Baño, the beginning of Flight and Willie, and to a lesser note Charlie Hustle. From then on we steadily did more together regardless of location. From those humble beginnings to world traveling, my how we’ve grown.

[Jerry’s additions]

I wouldn’t call it “building” but rather replacing the shitty, ugly green single-wide trailer with a much nicer modular home, but it did take most of the summer for them to build the solid foundation and whatnot. We did build the garage, however. In any case, allowed me to spend most of the summer at friends’ houses rather than the tiny camper my parents borrowed from a friend.

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