The happiest place on Earth!

Fall of 2019 you hopped a plane to join me on a long weekend in Orlando. We found some legit taquerias, mini-golfed, got stuck in the hotel during a tropical storm & watched Big Mouth. We also got the bartender at Rock & Brews on our pro All 80’s rock team. We went to Universal Studios and you probably blacked out on a roller coaster and yelled FUCK…. oh Shit… and made some weird noises. We drank and ate with Ethan at Epcot Center Food Fest and more Rock & Brews. We went to Dave & Busters and I’m sure I put my foot in my mouth more times than I remember. All in all a good little weekend just hanging out like the old days. Here’s to those memories and the many more I may have omitted.

[Jerry’s additions]

First of all, you totally tricked me with getting in line for that first roller coaster. Getting off, some old lady asked if I needed help walking down the stairs, so I obviously didn’t look well. I did, however, very much enjoy Space Mountain. Probably because it was dark. I’m also not sure everyone outside of the bartender at Rock & Brews cared for our spontaneous and then persistent karaoke, but they were probably just jealous of our mad skills.

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