Fingers crossed

As most people know, I’ve been in an interim position for the past three years. I knew that at some point they would have to post it and do a national search, but I never expected it to take this long. I’m officially a finalist for the permanent position, and I had the final interview last Tuesday. It was one of those all-day, getting escorted from group to group interviews, which are physically and mentally exhausting. It was also a bit awkward given I have been doing the job for the past three years, and one of the hour-long sessions was with my current team. Alas, I made it through, and I believe I did about as well as I could have. Reflecting on the day and all the conversations, there are of course some things I wish I would have said differently, or things I wish I wouldn’t have said at all, but that’s always going to be the case. I was told that they were going to meet today to discuss the candidates, so I’m hoping I hear something back soon one way or another.

Fingers crossed!

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