Christmas Gifts & Mischief…

I’m not certain what year I gave you the JT’s Bar sign, or what year we played canasta, or the classic console. I know it was at the early houses. I also know we still weren’t capable of adulting. It started with a snowball fight with Adam, Brandon, me, you, and more. It then progressed to us sneaking and still having a snowball fight while taking one or two light bulbs out of each strand of lights in the neighborhood and leaving them in the snowy yards. Your neighbors probably hated me (if they would have found out who I was, that is) but, we laughed out asses off, especially when Adam pegged a picture window and made us scatter like the annoying roaches we were.

[Jerry’s additions]

I believe it was around Christmas 2003 that you gave me the JT’s Bar sign. I have pictures of it in the Lancaster house on New Years day 2004 and it looks like we had just hung it up.

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