Happy New Years!!!

New Years eve parties have been an on-again off-again occurrence at your houses over the years. Lots of drinking, lots of games whether its pool, darts, video games, board games, trivia, karaoke, etc, all with the music or movies on in the background if not playing a game on the TV. Which reminds me of your super ghetto projector in the basement hooks up to a VHS player with various movies [playing]. Those were the days of cheap beer, cheap booze, hand-me-down and yard sale type furniture and a lot of fun. I look back and think of how much & little we’ve grown simultaneously.

[Jerry’s additions]

That was super ghetto. It was some piece of equipment that took input from a computer and sat on top of an old-school overhead projector. I remember having to order some weird ass VGA to s-video adapter called a cheese box to be able to connect a VCR to it to. It worked, though!

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