Menace II Society

Probably our worst, longest, most dangerous Spanish movie ever. From burning a cardboard town to kicking the ever loving hell out of a dummy with a milk jug for a head. The ridiculous fireworks fight in the basement (which we replicated for a desperado film in which I think we were extras?), and the drive by in slow motion in your front yard. This was also the one where you were supposed to movie-slap Kevin, and instead slapped the dog shit out of him. This may or may not have coincided with us giving Bev the Bev Del BaƱo nickname amongst other shenanigans.

[Jerry’s additions]

This one needs a correction. It wasn’t me who was supposed to slap Kevin, it was the other way around. We will blame his coordination (or maybe it was just revenge for something I had pissed him off about) but he freakin slapped the shit out of my left ear. The worst part about that whole take was that we couldn’t even use it, because once Kevin actually connected with my face, Chad, who was the camera man, busted out laughing and started shaking the camera.

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