If the fall doesn’t kill you…

I really don’t know how we didn’t end up in the hospital more often. We went up in the garage attic to get various musical instruments, and I somehow pulled a Buster Keaton style fall directly out of it. I’m quite sure you though I was dead. I landed on a pile of pipes or lumber on the concrete garage floor and somehow walked away mostly unharmed. I actually think I was more concerned with whatever I had in my hands. Ah to be young. If only I could recover so rapidly from such things today.

[Jerry’s additions]

I vividly remember this. You were holding my dad’s guitar and amp, and landed on a bunch of metal pipes. It was like you didn’t even want to use the stairs. Like you just decided the fastest way down from the attic was to turn around and just fall. It was also the same day that we were putting the new rim on the hoop and you jumped up and grabbed it before we had tightened the bolts on the pole and brought it down on yourself. It really is surprising that you didn’t find a way to end up in the hospital that day.

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