El Perro Teriblé

Probably the greatest film ever made. Filmed mostly on location at CASA DEL LOOPER. Utilizing 2 cameras with excellent directing and filmography. With me getting mocked for yelling Camera 1 ready and Nick taking long, unintentional, between take crotch shots, it was a film for the ages. Clocking in at roughly 18 minutes, it is epic in scale in comparison with other Spanish class films. Yet some how, most of us only spoke the minimum required lines. You had a ridiculous fake beard, Nick hopped around like a jumping bean, and I got a minor acid burn from the fake blood. True thespians we were, and dedicated to our craft.

[Jerry’s additions]

It’s amazing how much Spanish I *didn’t* learn in those three years. But man were those films fun to make! I think this was also the time me and someone decided we would jump off his deck into the pond, and when I turned around in mid-air to look back before I hit the water, all I saw was everyone else laughing. It was freaking cold.

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