The Clock Strikes 12…18…

Ah, the daring adventures of 2 high school kids on a mission to suck face. The route was familiar; quietly and out door or window to shed, down Birchview and across to the rail trail, down (7 mile?) while jumping in the ditch for every passing car. Our parents possible punishments and the laws of space and time went out the window as quickly as we did. No matter when we left, we always arrived @ 12:18. We could depart my house between 11:00 and 2:00am, and arrive at 12:18am. Whether I was dating Anna or just randomly making out with Renee, 12:18 was the set arrival time. We almost got caught REPEATEDLY, but always JUST GOT BY. We can look back and laugh and be thankful for that, and that our kids aren’t doing anything like that… that we know of.

[Jerry’s additions]

“Just got by” is an understatement I think. I can recall one time getting back to your place and as you were helping me back up through your window, your mom was up for some reason. You dropped me back outside and told your mom you were going to the bathroom (or something along those lines). And then that one green leather coat I had that basically got ruined when we got caught in the rain heading over there one night. Yeah, while I know my kids aren’t leaving the house and wandering the neighborhood in the middle of the night, I probably wouldn’t be all that mad if they were. But I’m also glad our house alarm dings whenever a door is opened!

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