Microsoft is the worse part of it…

(Insert XBOX noise + Halo theme song here)

Back to playing games. Albeit this time via the interwebs and Xbox live. Brandon started this revolution, I think, when we all started getting Xbox 360s so we could play Halo 3 together. First the campaigns on legendary, then partying up to take on the world. Shotty snipers? Yep. Balltrue? Yep. Plasma grenades, pistols, and gravity hammers? Of course. We actually were pretty good back then, before they added a bunch of stupid shit to the gameplay. Samoht, Yrrej, Nodnarb, and Yecal. Wasn’t Brandon actually going pay you a ton of money to make Lucas’ middle name Nodnarb? Any way, this got us all online together and talking & playing regularly.

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