Ready, down, hut hut hut

The joy of getting my ass whooped in a 30 year old Nintendo game. That is the joy of visiting JT’s bar and pool hall. We end up playing quite a few games of Tecmo. We end up drinking too much (or just enough) beer. We also play a bunch of games of pool, darts, and whatever else we can find on your arcade emulator. Fortunately when we play, I only have to walk to one end of Birchview or the other… because time travel may have occurred on several occasions. I’m certain you won more games than me, but I also know you are a dirty cheater. or at least that’s the story I’m sticking with.

[Jerry’s additions]

Think all you want, but I’m simply better at that game. I do love that someone keeps updating it every year with new rosters but keeping the exact same game play. I’d buy them a beer if I knew who they were. I do believe that last time we got out the actual Nintendo to play and then you blamed the controllers…

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