Blame the Lions, maybe?

I mean, they’ve always beans reason to drink. They are what we were watching at BWWs before we left. We needed something (probably more beer) from Meijer on the way home. However, upon exiting the mall parking area, you misjudged the proximity of oncoming traffic. You then overcompensated for it, floored it, and jumped the curb. “Oh Shit! Jerry, you’re driving on the sidewalk” were my words. We watched the rest of the game on your phone in the WalMart tire shop while they replaced your tire that you blew while jumping to the sidewalk. I’m pretty sure the Lions lost and we drank more after we made it home to your house.

[Jerry’s additions]

If I recall correctly, Lacey had asked us to stop at Meijer to pick something up (we had plenty of beer at home). I ran in to buy whatever it was while you finished putting on the donut so we could drive next door to WalMart. You left out *how* we watched the Lions lose on my phone while we waited. We FaceTime’d with Lacey and had her prop her phone up facing the TV, since we couldn’t find a way to stream it directly.

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