Okay, this ones definitely out of order

This definitely happened while you were at the Airport house. I decided to charter a fishing boat and thought it would be a great time. We also thought of all of us (Randy, Troy, Eric, me, you, and my Dad) sleeping in his motorhome would be worth the savings. As usual, beer was involved. Although I don’t think any of us were drunk. Neither of us slept much because of Randy’s snoring and our laughing hysterically at that, random farts, etc. We laughed at Troy telling us to stop laughing. The next morning we set off early looking like death. We didn’t catch many fish but still had a good time.

[Jerry’s additions]

Another Tom and Jerry giggle fest. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone snore as loud as Randy, even with sharing a room with my uncle growing up who used to snore so loud he’d wake himself up. I felt nauseated most of the morning on the boat, right up until I got to reel in a fish, and then the adrenaline helped. That was also the first time I was so far out into a body of water that I couldn’t see the shore in any direction. I can still hear Troy yelling “seriously guys, knock it off!”

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