This app is Bullshit!

Of course I’m referring to Nike Run. It’s actually not that terrible. It’s gone through highs and lows, much like our activity on it. We’ve had about five different run competitions and numerous challenges and haven’t found a better app to track our runs. The competitions have been fun up until the inevitable injury. Fortunately we’ve been able to recover after each injury to face off again for bragging rights, beer, candy, or whatever was wagered. Now we’ve been on Nike Run so long we can’t start over elsewhere and I get to humblebrag by posting runs around the world. I think it’s time for a run…

[Jerry’s additions]

You definitely win the award for most countries with a 5K. I’m hoping that one day soon I can get back to where I was at when we were competing. The injuries, and subsequent weight gain have me basically starting over. My 5K times are shit, even on a treadmill where it’s easier on my knees and ankle, and I still have to stop multiple times. I’ll get there eventually, and maybe we can come up with another competition.

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