Wilkommen Am Deutschland!!!

Your first trip to Germany! You didn’t go to sleep on the plane, and I kept you awake by taking you to a castle, a spa, and making you go on a run. Then we drank German beer and you went to sleep for the night. We drove down to Neuschwanstein & Hohenschawngau castles and you got beers in Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Germany. You also got to see German Alps and experience your first taste of the Autobahn. We saw a few things and then were back at the house for Deacon’s birthday before departing for our next legs of the trip. Also, although you deny it, you went out on that snowy bridge at the castle. I’m sure you had a fear blackout, but you were there.

[Jerry’s additions]

I was SO tired, but I really enjoyed that first day. It might have even helped the awkwardness of walking around naked at the spa. I seriously thought my skin was going to melt off in that one room where they kept whipping those big ass leaves around. Suiting up and walking over to kid-friendly area to hit up that water slide was a blast. The castles were amazing. One of the things I remember most was upon leaving, we wanted our Mt. Dews to be colder, so you stuck them on the first windshield of your car and drove with them there. It worked, but we were damn lucky they didn’t fly off and hit the cars behind us.

OK, after looking at the photo evidence, I must admit that you are correct. It was the same bridge as the one we were on in 2018. However, they definitely repainted it, and we did NOT take the same route to it the first time, since we had to cut through the woods as it was supposed to be closed for some reason. I don’t mind admitting I was wrong, but I just hate saying you were right…

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