Bruxelles, tue Belgique!

The second portion of your first European adventure. We left form Germany for a brief stop in France for a beer (where you insulted my French) and then a second stop in Luxembourg (again for a beer). We then proceeded to Brussels for a could short stops, and then to the Delirium bar. We drank at the tap room, we drank at the bottle room, and we drank in the basement. We made new friends, and you made up your mind that you could navigate back to the hotel. Three hours and multiple encounters after turning down a free ride, we convinced a cabbie to take us home. Less than 5 hours later I woke you to Harlem Shake and we went back at it. You felt terrible in the basement sauna and all the way to the craft fair. We went to the top of the Atomium (and you will deny that). We returned to the Delirium each night before going to our next location and I like to think this is where our true appreciation for beer comes from. Either way “Con los terroristas” and do the Harlem shake.

[Jerry’s additions]

WE DID NOT GO UP INTO THE ATOMIUM THAT DAY. We tried, but it was closed. Maybe I did black it out, but I’m damn near certain that was the case. As proof, I offer this: You took pictures of damn near everything while we were out. On the DVD you sent me with all the photos, there are a few of me standing outside the Atomium (looking extremely hungover), and a photo of the Atomium looking up at it, but NONE from inside of it looking out. You totally would have done so had that been the case, as we did exactly that when Lacey and I came back and visited it in 2018. So again, I say that we never actually made it inside that day.

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