Welkom in Amsterdam!

Last day waking up in Belgium hung over and driving with that super new artist (Macklemore) bumping in the background while we drove to the next major European city. We went to the oldest sailors bar in Europe, the oldest pub mainland and the bar with the widest beer selection in Amsterdam (although it paled in comparison to the Delirium). We also went to the Rijksmuseum, Konigsmuseum, Heineken Experience, and the Van Gough museum. But our best times were had as non-buyers in the red light district. We wandered the window shopping areas, but most importantly we found the Red Lion pub and made friends with the owner and his kids (who were working the bar) and sang Karaoke with them. No matter the day time adventure we went back to that Red Lion to sing karaoke and enjoy super cold Heineken and the freshest Amstel Light you’ll ever taste. Unfortunately, this was basically the end of the first overseas Todd trip.

[Jerry’s additions]

It certainly gave me the bug to travel. Not so much in the US, but the yearning continues for a return to Europe. Thank you again. It was an amazing experience.

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