Advances in Professionalism…

Around the time you started work in earnest on your Ph.D. [Ed.d, actually] and I started off to Flight School. In the next several years we each attained our goals. I was super proud when you graduated with your Doctorate in Education, and I like to take the smallest amount of credit for it because I forbid you a second Euro trip until completion, but we both know I would have relented. And I’ve gotten way more out of flight school than I anticipated. Black Hawks, King Airs and now jets. We haven’t done so bad for two proud Meridiots. Hopefully our efforts translate into big future paydays, but if not, NO ONE can take away what we’ve earned and accomplished.

[Jerry’s additions]

An excerpt from my acknowledgements page of my dissertation:

To the colleagues, friends, and family who supported me throughout this process, provided words of encouragement, or an ear to vent, provided distractions, and kept me moving forward, thank you. I’m truly blessed to have so many people who care so deeply for me.

You are definitely one of those people I was thinking about when I wrote that. You get more credit in some of those categories than others, but my sincere thanks nonetheless. And yes, I’m sure you would have caved on the trip eventually, but it wouldn’t have been the same being greeted at the airport without those signs.

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