Speaking of rewinding stuff…

How about the time we rode to the 3 on 3 tourney (Red Hacker or Gus Macker) in the back of your moms van I think? I think it was me, you, Steve, and Torrey…. You were trying to lock down all the lyrics to REM’s End of the World as we Know It. We probably listened to that song about a hundred times. We played OK, but did not get in the tournament, but we had a good damn time. I wonder if they have any age brackets in tournaments for 40+ year olds? I don’t think we would need your mom to drive anymore, but I’m definitely sure that’s great it starts with an earthquake, birds, and snakes, and airplanes; Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

[Jerry’s additions]

Whenever I mention Steve’s name in front of my mom, she immediate starts singing that song. I think we might have actually caused some damage to her on that trip (would explain a few other things). Yeah, we never made it far in those things, but it was always fun. Remember when I went for a dunk and that kid pushed me into the pole and I immediately went after him? You guys held me back, but in reality, my clothes weighed more than I did at the time and I probably would have regretted it. But he did look pretty scared when I turned around and took a step towards him, so that made me feel better! I’m sure they have over 40 brackets, but I think my balling days are long past. Between my back, knees, and achilles, it just sounds like a punishment.

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