What Melba Toast is packing…

Something that I don’t know if kids still do because all content is available for streaming. We watched a TON of movies at mostly your house, occasionally at my house & rarely at KV’s. Mostly because your house was so close to Lakeside & mine was close enough to Quick Video to make it easy. From Monty Python (all of them) thru Mallrats, An American Vampire in Brooklyn to Dazed & Confused, we watched classics & new releases & did random stuff in between like living room boxing, identifying cars by their headlights from your yard. We ate a ton of pizza and rewinded tapes to memorize lines. When we finished a movie it always went in the tape rewinder. BTW, what melba toast is packing right here, Alright, we got 411 positrac out back, 750 double pumper Eldelbrock intakes bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, two turbo jet 390 horsepower, we’re talking some fuckin muscle.

[Jerry’s additions]

Those boxing gloves were a terrible idea. But we certainly had fun beating the shit out of one another in my living room when my parents were gone! I totally miss Lakeside Market. Not working there so much, but walking down there to rent a movie and buy pop and tons of “penny” candy. Never forget – “Be kind. Rewind.”

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