The Rental House days

  • 1013 Corrinne
  • 3302 Lancaster

Ah, growing up (sort of) I left for the Air Force, you got married, so did I. You and Lacey moved in to your 1st and then second rental house. This is where you would meet Brandon, Kenny, and Tommy. We still did dumb shit when I would visit., but the likelihood of jail, death, or dismemberment reduced each time.

[Jerry’s additions]

I technically already knew Brandon from him working with us at the school during the summer, but this is true for the other two. Funny enough, despite living next door to Kenny at the Corrinne house, it wasn’t until we moved around the corner that we started hanging out together. We had a lot of fun in that tiny little house. We were very lucky to have found it avoiding having to live at Woodland like so many of our friends.

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