AMSTER – Dam its a fun time

We find ourselves back in Amsterdam. We visited the oldest sailors bar in Amsterdam, the Konigs Museum, Rijksmuseum for the dutch masters collection. We hit up the Van Gough museum (which we ordered tickets on line while standing outside of it) walked the flower market, and found a couple little hole in the wall bars. We also hit the Heineken Experience again. We made some good videos, and some ice cold beer and proceeded to the Red Light district with everyone in tow, and it was PACKED! We made it in to a couple of bars and had more beers including a return to the Red Lion, but all in all there were too many tourists so we stayed in more low key ventures. Also, at one point I got yelled at for being a “fucking tourist” for crossing at what I thought was a crosswalk.

[Jerry’s additions]

I’m pretty certain it was at Cafe De Doktor that we found the “murder stairs” and nearly died trying to go to the bathroom. I believe it was also the first night where we all had snoring battles, and I ended up having to wear my noise cancelling headphones to sleep. The Delirium Cafe in Amsterdam was cool since it was right on the water, but nowhere near the same as in Brussels. And the Heineken tour was different than when we visited the first time. I’m hoping that means it will be different next time we go as well. I miss Amsterdam…

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