Bruxelles, la Redux!

Once again, we headed for Brussels. On the way we attempted to stop at Westvleteren for beer, but they must have know you were en route so they closed. Once in Brussels we hit the Atomium again, Grand Place, another large cathedral, the Comic Book/Strip museum, and I am sure more. We ate Pomme Frites, Waffles, Chocolate, and of course, Belgian Beer. I think we probably tried 100 different beers in those couple days. We went to a coffin bar and of course to the Delirium! We continued to order and share beers of all flavor. After leaving we hit a beer store you wanted to check out on the way to Amsterdam, and Surprise! they were closed. We somehow got a hold of the owner and they came in and you got some stuff shipped home. (Forgot about the Star Wars Experience I the conference hall as well).

[Jerry’s additions]

Correction – we did get a hold of the owner of Belgium in a Box, but he said he couldn’t be there for a few hours, so I ordered from their website from my phone while we drove since we didn’t want to just sit around and wait for him. And The Delirium Cafe is probably my favorite place on Earth! Don’t forget that dinner we had at Cave du Roy – that wasn’t too shabby. The coffin bar was a little disappointing, but still fun to have visited. I actually enjoyed that Star Wars expo quite a bit. Long live Darth Froth!

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