Bienvenue a París!

Eurotrip v2.0 begins! Once again you could not sleep on the plane. New for this trip was Lacey! (whom you also kept awake). We started the trip with Paris, hitting most of the major sights like Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Moulin Rouge, Arc de Triumph, etc. We ate snails, crepes, French food, French beer, French wine, all of it. I engaged in some forms of Jackassery, and we had a decent little Air BnB in La Defense. We managed to see most of the town that we wanted to, even though the Louvre is overwhelmingly huge. Some how Jerry, you managed to get several destinations closed, but that just gave us more bar time. After a couple nights, we pressed on towards Belgium, a little tired but not too bad, and realized I forgot controllers for the Wii.

[Jerry’s additions]

I have to admit that I liked Paris way more than I ever thought I would. I’d actually really love to go back again. We were basically sprinting through the Louvre trying to find the few things we really wanted to see. I could definitely spend more time there. And that Air BnB while small, had some great views, and wasn’t in a bad location. And I don’t know what I did to get everything closed down, but when I do something, I do it right, apparently. Remember those nice old Japanese ladies that shared their champagne with us at the Moulin Rouge? They certainly know how to pack people in to that place, don’t they? I still can’t believe you guys got me to the top of the Eiffel Tower. That was about 280 meters higher than I wanted to be. The food there, though. Man, that was delicious.

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