Prague, Bratislava, & Vienna

our adventures continue, albeit at a much more rapid pace. In hindsight, the second half of this trip was way too ambitious, but we worked it into multiple places. Old town, the bridge in Prague, the beer spa with the ice water bucket and the beer and bread. The Air BnB with the roof balcony. The next day a quick to pin Bratislava for a beer and I think a walk up the palace steps. Then on the Vienna, for a visit to Schonbrunn palace, more beers, and a trip to the operas, with beer and dinner and then on to the hotel. Some more sights in the morning and then to Ljubljana.

[Jerry’s additions]

That opera was something else. I felt a little underdressed, though I was surprised on how well I was following along with the story given I don’t know German. Very fun, though. That roof balcony, while a little sketchy getting up there, definitely had some beautiful views… until it started pouring rain. That beer spa was fantastic! The sessions need to be longer in my opinion, but I had a blast! That ice water bucket shower was something else. I’d go back there again in a heartbeat! Don’t forget about the Apple Museum I made everyone visit. I think I enjoyed that more than everyone else.

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