Ljubljana and then Croatia and Venice

Ah, Ljubljana, one of my favorite little cities. Dragons everywhere, good beer, good food, and always friendly. We went to Lake Bled as well, and the castle in the cliff on the way out of the country. We ate cream cake, and then took a long detour to get Croatian pizza, which was excellent, and a beer. Then on to Venice. We had the most terrifying taxi ride that night, and you got wine drunk super early while we had food. The next day we spent most of the day in Venice proper. St. Marks Square and Basilica, the tower, canal rides & the bridges. Then that night I’m pretty sure we had the bad bus ride, but we made the best of it. Venice is a beautiful place and one of my favorite cities, and seeing it with you two was all the better.

[Jerry’s additions]

I don’t know what was wrong with that cab driver, but even after driving around with you the entire trip, I was scared. I really thought he was going to run over the people in that crosswalk! I, too, loved Ljubljana. Was probably one of my favorite locations we visited. Not to mention the upgraded Air BnB location we got because the original one flooded or something and so the lady put us super close to that bar we loved.

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