The Alps, The castles, & Home

We left Venice area the next morning for the long drive over the Neuschwanstein area. The Alps had some beautiful views and we may have stopped for a beer in Switzerland, I’m not 100%. We made it to our little hotel a border town, grabbed some good grub and some good beer and called it a night. The next morning we went to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles. After the castles we drove back to my house and you guys got ready for your return flight. ALSO, you denied ever having been on that bridge, despite evident the contrary. Anyway, the next morning we bid you adieu at the airport and returned to normalcy. Boring and not fancy as it is.

[Jerry’s additions]

You totally forgot about Liechtenstein! We wanted to stop and have a quick beer in that country for Lacey, but being a Sunday afternoon, nothing was open. Nothing except an American Route 66 diner. So we sat outside and watched soccer (football) on the huge TVs and enjoyed a few beers. And yes, we absolutely did stop in Switzerland for lunch and a beer. I believe that was the one that had that awesome view from the top of the restaurant where we sat outside under the umbrella.

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