With Tom coming home for the holidays, I thought it would be fun to go see the last home Lions game together. The seats were pretty good, and by some miracle, they destroyed the Cardinals! It totally screwed them for the first draft pick, but it was a great game to be at. After the game, we bar hopped for a bit, ending up at the Founder’s taproom for a late dinner. After drinking some high gravity beers, we made the one good choice and one terrible choice. The good choice was heading back to the hotel rather than going to another bar. The bad choice was getting a couple of crowlers to take with us. We finished up the first one, then both basically passed out watching Netflix on his laptop since the tv in our room wouldn’t let us stream to it and their tech person never showed up to our room. After picking up Deacon from the airport the next day, we headed back home for a week filled with more drinking and board games. Until Tom tested positive for Covid, which cut their trip short, and started a long few weeks of quarantining. It did allow us to play slay some more zombies, but not while in the same house as we had planned. It was fun while it lasted. Can’t wait until we get together again! Preferably without the Covid.

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