Welcome, Roxie.

I was pretty certain that I didn’t want another dog after Queenie passed away last year. I still tear up thinking about her. We check the Humane Society website occasionally and look at all the puppies, but quickly talk ourselves out of it, as we don’t really have the time to train a new puppy, and I still couldn’t bring myself to replace Queenie. Then last week, while waiting for a meeting, Lacey was browsing Facebook and saw a post on the Humane Society’s website that they had rescued 42 dogs from South Texas. She texted me the link, and while I was scrolling through the pictures I saw two puppies that reminded me of Queenie. I fought my instincts to immediately drive over there for all of 30 seconds, and then did. I ended up taking one of them home, and we have all been in love with her since. I haven’t enjoyed the house training, but she’s just so stinking adorable, and I know things will get easier the older she gets (she’s only 3 months old). We have to take her back in to get fixed at the end of April, when they will complete the adoption process.

Welcome home, Roxie. Please stop pooping in the house lol.

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