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Updated PowerShell scripts for SIS integration

Spent some time last week re-writing my PowerShell script for uploading and monitoring the snapshot feed files using the new SIS Integration Framework in Blackboard 9.1. In the latest SP12 release, Blackboard has added in a new monitoring endpoint, which I’m hoping allows me to stop relying on the goofy Activemq command-line, cobbled-together scripts I’ve been using. So far, it looks like it will, which makes me one happy camper.

In making the modifications for using this new web service endpoint, I also was convinced to re-write the rest of the script to utilize functions, which in turn led me to find a way to get rid of the PowerShell Community Extensions requirement for doing the feed file clean-up (was using write-zip). Now, all that is needed for POSTing and monitoring the snapshot feed files is this single script. Next is getting our staging environment ready for vetting SP12…

Quick update

I didn’t realize it’s been so long since my last post. I decided to change up the theme, and get rid of all the old posts. We’ll see if that inspires posting…