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The Start of a Zombie-slaying trend…

We were able to start playing video games online again after I got settled in Germany. I’m pretty sure this is where we started with Left for Dead (1&2) and Dead Island. They were fun and a good distraction and way to stay connected. We played through each Left for Dead with increasing difficulty levels, and tolerated the glitchiness of Dead Island and attacked all the sequels and extras with vigor. Our enjoyment of the genre set us up for future games and helped to keep us in constant contact so we could make future plans.

The shock might kill you…

Several times, with assistance from many of your family members, I have scared the shit out of you by being in your house when you thought was out of the state. I may or many not continue the trend in the future, however, I fear you will have a heart attack if I persist. I’ll probably invest in an Automatic Electric Defibrillator for the next time. I’ll probably make sure Lacey is ready to call 911 as well. I may also wear a helmet as you’ve almost connected on your wild, panicked swings.

[Jerry’s additions]

The last time was because I came home and Lacey’s dad was here and said there was something wrong with my kegerator and so I paid no attention to whatever was in the corner waiting to jump out at me. You’re lucky I didn’t have a wrench or something in my hand.

Welcome back to Sanford!

  • 2066 Lynn Rd

Ah, welcome back to Sanford, Brother! You and Lacey moved back to Sanford, less than a block from where we used to sneak out to go forge relationships that got us here. You moved in to the Lynn house approximately the time that I got orders to Europe the first time. In the interim we celebrated both of our 30th birthdays. Someday I may move somewhere close to you, but until then I hope to just continue to sponsor your worldwide travel. God I hope the world gets normal soon so we can get our travel on before I retire from the Army…

Unleash your inner Phil Collins!

Holy Shit! They added Drums! And a microphone!! Of course I’m talking about ROCK BAND! This game and its sequels would keep us sweating on drums, swearing on guitar, screaming on vocals, and trying to channel our inner Geddy Lee on Bass. Before or after the bar, during parties, even online we jammed out. I accumulated a massive library of available songs, many that we only played a couple times. There were a few unexpected staples (RE: Your brains). We would play one instrument and rotate for our favorites. BTW, we need to play next time I’m home. Dibs on drums first!

Holey Balls & Bats Man!

The four times that I actually able to come home during hot weather months, we played ball of the wiffle variety. I’m surprised there were not wider instances of hurt bodies and hurt egos than actually happened. We drank much beer and had fun. Lacey even pitched while pregnant… Well, until she got hit with a return fire ball to the face. We all know how Lacey doest not want balls to the face… Anyway maybe we will play again some summer soon, but this one feels like one that is lost to days when our recovery time was hours, not weeks from our injuries.

[Jerry’s additions]

Those wiffle ball games were fun. While I like the location here in Sanford, I loved that Sturgeon house yard. Remember when we used to play whiffle ball out behind the Chemical Bank? Then we’d play behind your house when they would yell at us.

Microsoft is the worse part of it…

(Insert XBOX noise + Halo theme song here)

Back to playing games. Albeit this time via the interwebs and Xbox live. Brandon started this revolution, I think, when we all started getting Xbox 360s so we could play Halo 3 together. First the campaigns on legendary, then partying up to take on the world. Shotty snipers? Yep. Balltrue? Yep. Plasma grenades, pistols, and gravity hammers? Of course. We actually were pretty good back then, before they added a bunch of stupid shit to the gameplay. Samoht, Yrrej, Nodnarb, and Yecal. Wasn’t Brandon actually going pay you a ton of money to make Lucas’ middle name Nodnarb? Any way, this got us all online together and talking & playing regularly.

Sauce is the Boss…

One of our many traditions that has mostly died out due to their specials changing and a lack of participation by many. Any available man would head to Buffalo Wild Wings and jam on 100 or so wings. The first couple times we had large groups. It has shrunk over the years and now its the 2 of us and 1 or 2 others if we’re lucky. This is where we started “Have you met Brandon?” and even got my dad saying it. Although we carried the HYMB to other places, BWW’s was the birthplace. Damn, now I’m hungry for Mango Habanero wings and a cold draft (whatever’s on special). Hopefully their menu gets great again and we keep going there.

He heard one guitar…

Guitar Hero was released and you got a copy Christmas 2005 I think (may have been ’06). We both were hooked. Rhythmic gaming, beer, annoying Lacey (not the game, just the way we act). Every time I came over we would mix in a some guitar hero to an extent. They released 2 sequels while you lived @ the airport house. Whether we were going head 2 head, cooperative or just trying to beat a song on a new level, beer and plastic guitars were a must.

[Jerry’s additions]

I almost wish I knew the number of hours I’ve spent playing Guitar Hero/Rock Band and could magically transform that into hours I spent learning real guitar. I swear I had photos of us playing GH, but after 30 minutes of searching through all the photos from those years, I’ve come up empty.

The Airport House

  • 6610 Sturgeon Road

The joys of increased personal debt through home ownership. You and Lacey moved in to the airport house right before I started language school in California. You discovered your lifelong love of remodeling soon thereafter. We also began to rediscover being able to game together through the wonder of technology (go interwebs!). I occasionally returned during summers and usually for holidays as well, and we would start some traditions (some that lasted, many that didn’t) and while you were at this house both our families continued to expand.

Happy New Years!!!

New Years eve parties have been an on-again off-again occurrence at your houses over the years. Lots of drinking, lots of games whether its pool, darts, video games, board games, trivia, karaoke, etc, all with the music or movies on in the background if not playing a game on the TV. Which reminds me of your super ghetto projector in the basement hooks up to a VHS player with various movies [playing]. Those were the days of cheap beer, cheap booze, hand-me-down and yard sale type furniture and a lot of fun. I look back and think of how much & little we’ve grown simultaneously.

[Jerry’s additions]

That was super ghetto. It was some piece of equipment that took input from a computer and sat on top of an old-school overhead projector. I remember having to order some weird ass VGA to s-video adapter called a cheese box to be able to connect a VCR to it to. It worked, though!