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El Perro Teriblé

Probably the greatest film ever made. Filmed mostly on location at CASA DEL LOOPER. Utilizing 2 cameras with excellent directing and filmography. With me getting mocked for yelling Camera 1 ready and Nick taking long, unintentional, between take crotch shots, it was a film for the ages. Clocking in at roughly 18 minutes, it is epic in scale in comparison with other Spanish class films. Yet some how, most of us only spoke the minimum required lines. You had a ridiculous fake beard, Nick hopped around like a jumping bean, and I got a minor acid burn from the fake blood. True thespians we were, and dedicated to our craft.

[Jerry’s additions]

It’s amazing how much Spanish I *didn’t* learn in those three years. But man were those films fun to make! I think this was also the time me and someone decided we would jump off his deck into the pond, and when I turned around in mid-air to look back before I hit the water, all I saw was everyone else laughing. It was freaking cold.

The Clock Strikes 12…18…

Ah, the daring adventures of 2 high school kids on a mission to suck face. The route was familiar; quietly and out door or window to shed, down Birchview and across to the rail trail, down (7 mile?) while jumping in the ditch for every passing car. Our parents possible punishments and the laws of space and time went out the window as quickly as we did. No matter when we left, we always arrived @ 12:18. We could depart my house between 11:00 and 2:00am, and arrive at 12:18am. Whether I was dating Anna or just randomly making out with Renee, 12:18 was the set arrival time. We almost got caught REPEATEDLY, but always JUST GOT BY. We can look back and laugh and be thankful for that, and that our kids aren’t doing anything like that… that we know of.

[Jerry’s additions]

“Just got by” is an understatement I think. I can recall one time getting back to your place and as you were helping me back up through your window, your mom was up for some reason. You dropped me back outside and told your mom you were going to the bathroom (or something along those lines). And then that one green leather coat I had that basically got ruined when we got caught in the rain heading over there one night. Yeah, while I know my kids aren’t leaving the house and wandering the neighborhood in the middle of the night, I probably wouldn’t be all that mad if they were. But I’m also glad our house alarm dings whenever a door is opened!

Sometimes you need a little push

After being married to her for 20 years, it’s silly to look back at you, sitting in your room terrified to ask out this girl you though was hot. Especially because its hard to think of a Jerry without Lacey at this point. But we all know it happened. You, sitting on your bed terrified at the thought of rejection, occasionally pacing. Me alternatively doing pull-ups on your door frame to your closet and telling you to stop being a pussy about it. You finally gut-checked yourself and caved to the pressure and called her, pale faced and white knuckled, and the rest is history. It’s one of the very few times my pressure was a positive force instead of a stupid one.

[Jerry’s additions]

I’ve told this story on multiple occasions over the years. I simply cannot imagine my life had I not made that phone call.

Speaking of rewinding stuff…

How about the time we rode to the 3 on 3 tourney (Red Hacker or Gus Macker) in the back of your moms van I think? I think it was me, you, Steve, and Torrey…. You were trying to lock down all the lyrics to REM’s End of the World as we Know It. We probably listened to that song about a hundred times. We played OK, but did not get in the tournament, but we had a good damn time. I wonder if they have any age brackets in tournaments for 40+ year olds? I don’t think we would need your mom to drive anymore, but I’m definitely sure that’s great it starts with an earthquake, birds, and snakes, and airplanes; Lenny Bruce is not afraid.

[Jerry’s additions]

Whenever I mention Steve’s name in front of my mom, she immediate starts singing that song. I think we might have actually caused some damage to her on that trip (would explain a few other things). Yeah, we never made it far in those things, but it was always fun. Remember when I went for a dunk and that kid pushed me into the pole and I immediately went after him? You guys held me back, but in reality, my clothes weighed more than I did at the time and I probably would have regretted it. But he did look pretty scared when I turned around and took a step towards him, so that made me feel better! I’m sure they have over 40 brackets, but I think my balling days are long past. Between my back, knees, and achilles, it just sounds like a punishment.

What Melba Toast is packing…

Something that I don’t know if kids still do because all content is available for streaming. We watched a TON of movies at mostly your house, occasionally at my house & rarely at KV’s. Mostly because your house was so close to Lakeside & mine was close enough to Quick Video to make it easy. From Monty Python (all of them) thru Mallrats, An American Vampire in Brooklyn to Dazed & Confused, we watched classics & new releases & did random stuff in between like living room boxing, identifying cars by their headlights from your yard. We ate a ton of pizza and rewinded tapes to memorize lines. When we finished a movie it always went in the tape rewinder. BTW, what melba toast is packing right here, Alright, we got 411 positrac out back, 750 double pumper Eldelbrock intakes bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, two turbo jet 390 horsepower, we’re talking some fuckin muscle.

[Jerry’s additions]

Those boxing gloves were a terrible idea. But we certainly had fun beating the shit out of one another in my living room when my parents were gone! I totally miss Lakeside Market. Not working there so much, but walking down there to rent a movie and buy pop and tons of “penny” candy. Never forget – “Be kind. Rewind.”

Averill Park Balling

From that first summer onwards, we could be often found @ Averill Park. As soon as it was plowed in early Spring through Fall. From 2 on 2 tournaments with the Steinkas, Weave, and Big Dave Sinclair through the days of Blah & the younger guys like Joey, Tripp, etc. Although it became less frequent as we played other sports and got jobs, it was a sanctuary for wayward hoop dreams. We even helped Ron install benches there one year. Later we would sometimes rally in its familiarity before and after various mischief. Unfortunately, the last time I drove past it, it was no longer well cared for. Therefore, I will always have a mental snapshot circa summer 1995, with crowds of us, sitting on new wood benches, drinking 2 liters of Faygo and shooting for teams of who’s next.

[Jerry’s additions]

A sanctuary, indeed. I personally purchased and replaced more nets than I can count, as well as one of the backboards at one point. I would keep a push broom in my car to sweep off the court before we played so we wouldn’t slip and hurt ourselves. That stupid power line always got in the way though. Made it hard to launch full-court shots. Hell, once we were old enough to drive we would face our cars toward the court and turn on our headlights just to finish the game if it got too dark. Sometimes I miss those days. Over the last few years, they have redone much of that park. It’s nowhere near the same as when we were younger, but at least it’s in better shape now.


  • 725 E. Price Rd.
  • 78 W. Dague Rd.
  • 27 Birchview Dr.

Prior to the summer of 1994 we had hung out a couple of times. However, we really starting hanging out a lot more while you stayed almost the whole summer at Vandenberg’s. your parents were building the house on Dague road, and I was staying over every 3-4 days. We played a ton of basketball, did a bunch of dumb shit, and generally enjoyed the summer. It was before Ron and Bev became ‘Nam and Bevi del Baño, the beginning of Flight and Willie, and to a lesser note Charlie Hustle. From then on we steadily did more together regardless of location. From those humble beginnings to world traveling, my how we’ve grown.

[Jerry’s additions]

I wouldn’t call it “building” but rather replacing the shitty, ugly green single-wide trailer with a much nicer modular home, but it did take most of the summer for them to build the solid foundation and whatnot. We did build the garage, however. In any case, allowed me to spend most of the summer at friends’ houses rather than the tiny camper my parents borrowed from a friend.

Adventures of Tom and Jerry

The following posts come from writings by Tom, given to Jerry for his 40th birthday, in a journal titled “My Best Friend Dr. Jerry Todd P.H.D.E.D” (Tom never remembers what my Doctorate is actually in or how to write my credentials).

These are the recollections and short stories of our friendship as told by Tom. Some will have edits by Jerry added after the posts, adding additional insights and/or clarification. New writings will be written by Jerry, taking over from 2021 onward, recapping any new adventures.

BTW, spelling and grammar are taking from the original writing. I tried not to fix anything along the way, as hard as that was.